Blind Wave Drawings with Sputnik Seaweed
Codium Fragile, an invasive seaweed gathered from the shores of Buzzard’s Bay, Massachusetts, processed into paper pulp to create sculptural wall pieces. This series is based on blind sketches of ocean waves.



Shoreline Studies
Based off of observational sketches of coastal and shoreline sites in Rhode Island. Pulptype is a technique I discovered, which is informed by both the printmaking and hand papermaking processes—it uses only handmade paper pulp, and results in works that resemble monotypes or woodcuts.



Recent Work



Ebb and Flow
A collaborative installation by Megan Singleton and May Babcock. Based on watershed maps of the Missouri, Mississippi, and Blackstone Rivers, and incorporating Mississippi River Mud and American Lotus.

A collaborative handmade paper triptych by Megan Singleton and May Babcock. Inspired by the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and using materials gathered from the site, including river mud and maple roots.



Hand Papermaking, 2010-2012



Material studies of fiber and mud from specific sites,  using the hand papermaking process to create book-like forms.




Latent Landscape
I set a task to take a new look at local Louisiana landscape and to understand this place where I lived. The spaces most powerful were leftover, abandoned and forbidden industrial places, including an old lock, stretches of the levee along the Mississippi River, highway underpasses and chemical, energy and sugar cane processing plants. Working from observational sketches and using local materials such as river mud and plant fibers for papermaking, I made prints on handmade paper, books, and video that bring this latent landscape into view. Images and surfaces become primitive, disorienting, psychological, dark and changing landscapes. Thesis > 




Poured Paper Pulp Casts of Mississippi River Levees



Artists’ Books



Printmaking, 2009-2010



Passing Notes
A collaborative installation made from poured pulp sheets from cotton, banana trunk, and bagasse (sugar cane) fibers, and printed on with woodcuts and monoprint stencils. Interspersed are paper cast sculptural pods with banana paper, screen printed with poetry about the Mississippi River.

by May Babcock, Sarah Shearer, & Megan Singleton

St. Louis, MO – 2011
Iriving, TX – 2012




Channels: A Collaborative Paper & Video Installation
In the past, the Mississippi River has changed and moved, altering its course on its path to emptying the Gulf of Mexico. These changing channels and Louisiana’s geomorphology are the inspiration for this installation of handmade paper, in not only how it shapes the gallery space and the viewer’s experience of it, but in the imagery and paper pulp used.

by May Babcock, Sarah Shearer, Jessie Hornbrook & Megan Singleton

New Orleans, LA – 2012
Baton Rouge, LA – 2012